Our adorable beauty queen Nancy-Olive Aisagbonhi. Carnival Calabar Queen 2013/2014 was nominated to do the ’20 Facts About Me Challenge’ and this is what we got from her.

1) I love God and he and I have a special relationship.

2) I’m a very shy person.

3) My favourite color was red, then pink and back to red.

4) I love to sing and I think I have a decent voice

5) I have an awesome sense of humor. I surprise myself sometimes.

6) I’m also a very emotional person. But I put up a good front.

7) I’m half Ishan and Half Kalabari

8) I’m 6ft1/2inch tall (weird right? I’m not up to 6ft1inch)

9) I have equal amount of birthmarks on each side of my body (awesome right? Lol)

10) I love to travel. 11) I understand a little bit of Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, efik, and Ishan. Cos I grew up in Benin, Lagos, aba, calabar and bayelsa

12) I have a large sweet tooth.

13) I’m addicted to my phone and that makes me sometimes come off as anti-social.

14) I love to sleep ehn. If sleep made people fat, I’d be larger than a bungalow lol

15) I love to read books. I wish I can read my school books with equal enthusiasm.

16) I’m currently studying chemistry at niger delta university. (Impressive huh? *wink*)

17) I have more male friends than female friends.

18) my birthday is my favorite day in the world and I start the countdown 2 months before

19) my pet peeve is pretentious people. Ugh I just can’t stand them and I can tell when someone’s faking it no matter how hard they try. They irritate me.

20) I hate to make lists ( this one surprisingly took me 45 minutes to make) Whew, Okay. I now nominate @moreyfaith @bukkybukss @jesuis_titanium @mraisagbonhi @emmykasbit @no2jal and @pearl_tamale.

Interesting facts right, she got us laughing all through, keep an eye on this blog, as we will continue this every weekend with your favourite personalities.You have a chance to Nominate someone for the Challenge….So leggoo! Nominate your friend now before they nominate you! Lol See Ya Next Week! Okbye! Follow on Twitter: @CalabarBlog

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