Have you visited the Sparks shop Calabar?  Well, here is my experience and personal review.

It’s a friday evening in Calabar, I’m trying to get home from my work place on IBB way through Etagbor before the friday rush hour traffic hits the road and Goldie by Mount Zion becomes un-passable. Then I remembered that I was supposed to get toiletries for my little sister who stays in Unical hostel. I looked by the road side for a supermarket that might likely have all the things I needed in stock, luckily for me the cab I boarded was heading through the  Sparks shop directly opposite Unical small gate. Two doses of luck; One, I don’t need to enter another taxi to get to school and deliver the toiletries so I put a call through to my sister and requested that she meets me at the small gate and just as I was about to step in to Sparks I realized that I had been so busy at work that I had forgotten to withdraw cash. Luckily, there were rows of ATM, four of them if memory serves me right dispensing cash right in front of me. I withdraw successfully, walk up to the door and was about to push when the door opened on its own. Wheww!!! Magic door? Haha no such thing yet at sparks. There was a security guard behind the door saying “Welcome Sir/Madam” to everyone who walked in.

Inside, I am hit with a blast of the air conditioner probably going at full strength relieving me from the blistering moisture laden 5pm heat. I walk around picking the things I could find and those that I couldn’t find myself, I had someone pop up now and then to offer assistance. I walked to the checkout with my basket where the items I picked were  scanned and computed for me.  Ok, it’s time to pay and here there is a hitch, the cost of the items are a tad over what I had withdrawn earlier. It must have been the bottle of Irish cream whiskey and ice cream that sent my shopping list over the bar. I’m considering whether to return the extra items or to go back out and withdraw again when the cashier said “You can use the POS”.  Do you know that sense of relieve? Yes, It came down like a cold gulp of whatever it is that you drink.   At the door, it still magically opens and I step out of Sparks shop, back into the blistering heat and the arms of my smiling sister.

From my experience at Sparks, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very satisfactory and 1 being poor;

  • Accessibility and location – 8
  • Goods stock – 9
  • Customer relations – 6 (The doorman should smile more)
  • Goods arrangement and ease of finding – 6 (The canned item sections)
  • Pricing – 7

All in, how long would I keep buying from sparks?

For a long time till I find another supermarket that offers me ATM services, POS as well as Air condition in one spot.

Go and experience it yourself.

Do you offer amazing services and would like an unbiased review?  Get in touch and we’ll pay you a surprise visit.

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