Quality leadership and good governance are two Democratic values that have continued to be missing within the Democratic sphere close to twenty years of democracy in Nigeria.

The Blue Coalition, a non-for- profit organization has officially been launched in Calabar to bridge leadership and governance gap in Nigeria.

The convener, Mr. John Etim Bassey, while speaking at the opening event held at Grace Consulate Church, in Calabar yesterday disclosed that the Blue Coalition is stepping in to bridge the leadership and governance gap that has held the nation and its states to the ground for so long. According to him, the group would be focused on educational and advocacy activities mainly.

The Convener, Mr. John Etim Bassey

Among the array of speakers at the event featured prominent elder statesman Sen. Bassey Ewa Henshaw, who delivered the keynote address on the topic: The Importance of Leadership in Good Governance, Mr. Ernest Etim Bassey, a Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Cross River state spoke on Security and Good Governance while Mrs. Justina Ovat, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor and General Manager, Tinapa Lakeside Hotel addressed the issue of Women in Governance.

Delivering the keynote address, the two- termed Senator, Sen. Bassey Ewa Henshaw defined governance as “the process of making decisions and implementing those decisions”. Quoting the UNDP/ World Bank principles of good governance he listed the following as indications of good governance – participation, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, equity, fairness/inclusiveness, effectiveness and efficiency and accountability.

Sen. Bassey Ewa Henshaw while briefing the press

While explaining the qualities of a good leader, Sen. Ewa explained that no two situations are the same, “the quality you need in a Bishop is quite different from the qualities you need from a President or from a military Commander, but generally the following can be listed as the qualities of a good leader – competence, accountability, leading by example, integrity, openness, values and balance in perspective, power and influence and humility.

He concluded be charging citizens to first of all access all those who seek elective and appointive offices against the qualities of good leadership and finding out what their antecedent was. He berated the idea of politicians sharing largesse for votes saying “this has reduced the entire population into beggars and sycophants”.

Highlight of the event was the official declaration of The Blue Coalition mandate to the public.

The Blue Coalition is set to become part of the leadership infrastructure of the New Nigeria and as an institution, would participate in the development of the governance architecture of this New Nigeria. The Blue Coalition is also dedicated solely to the development of the leadership capacity for all who aspire for public service in Nigeria.

The event had in attendance members of the political class, youth groups, corp members and members of the press.

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