The little town of Obudu in Cross River State would be one of serenity and
tranquillity but for the large number of tourists that troop there year
round to get a taste of the mountain feeling.
Covered by hills and rocky terrains, Obudu is a wonder to behold. The
vast landscape would appeal to anyone who loves beauty and is
passionate about the outdoors.
They say the Calabar Carnival is the best time to visit Obudu, but we
beg to differ. Find out some of the hidden pleasures locked away in

Obudu Plateau
Cable Car
Located on the Sankwala Mountains, the Obudu Plateau is a vast area
of about 100 square kilometres. At 1800 metres above sea level, the
Obudu Plateau has a semi-temperate mountain climate. It is home to a
habitat of rare species of birds and plants.

The Plateau is like its own miniature city. It has a cable car
transport system like none other in the country. Tourists can catch the
cable car from the bottom of the plateau to the very top for a
breath-taking view.
There is also an airstrip at the foot of the plateau for travellers visiting Obudu by air and also for helicopters that are used for sight-seeing purposes.

Obudu Mountain Resort
Obudu Ranch Resort 3

The popular resort is a favourite destination for tourists. It was built right on top the Obudu Plateau. It is only a 30 minute
drive from Obudu town. It can be accessed by the helipad or by road from
the bottom of the Obudu Plateau. Driving to the resort can be exciting
with the long winding roads called the Devil’s Elbow that Obudu is so
well known for.
Most people opt for the cable car ride. There are 34 cable cars which
contain eight people so you and your loved ones can hop on one and be
amazed by the sights, take pictures, and marvel at the clouds and
mountain view.

November holds the annual Obudu Mountain race. It draws expert
runners from all over the world to battle it out on the Obudu Mountain
Range for the one winner who goes home with a cash prize.
Obudu Mountain race

Calabar also plays host to the largest street party in Africa, the
Calabar Carnival. It is an effortless display of colourful attires and
cultural dance where indigenous youths come out to flaunt their art and
dance to local music.

Calabar Carnival_Nigeria

Visiting Obudu for the first time can be daunting.

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