TIME Magazine on Friday revealed its list of Next Generation Leaders that included University of Calabar, Computer Science graduate and Software Engineer Oscar Ekponimo.

The list is comprised of ten young innovators and rising stars that run the gamut from innovative artists and impressive athletes to risk-taking activists and groundbreaking entrepreneurs.

The magazine praises Oscar for his efforts to alleviate poverty and hunger in Nigeria using technology. He developed an app called Chowberry, which connects grocery stores and supermarkets with NGOs and charities to put wasted or leftover food to use. As packaged food items near the end of their shelf life, the app initiates discounts that grow larger the longer the products remain unsold. Local aid groups and other selected nonprofits are alerted about these discounts and also when supermarkets are giving food away for free. Food that would otherwise have gone in the trash is instead distributed to orphanages and needy families.

“I had several job offers from big [technology] companies over the past few years,” he says. “But Chowberry is what I am passionate about and find fulfilling. I want to see it grow and continue to benefit people’s lives.” Oscar told TIME.

From Celestine Omin making international headlines to now Oscar Ekponimo getting featured on TIME, We must say, this is a good time for techpreneurs from Calabar. We hope this spark interest in the tech community in Cross River State.

Keep inspiring us guys!

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