Fashion in Africa has continually been on a massive up rise with indigenous pacemakers pushing and evolving African trends globally. Recently, the African Male Fashion Bloggers in collaboration with Bloglovin released the official list of Male fashion bloggers in Africa who are helping in the growth of fashion & making trends in Africa.

This list was created based on the creativity, readers/target audience, achievements & Collaborations.

steven_amfb[1]Steven Onoja

When it comes to creativity, art & Menswear, Steven is always the first option. Motivated by everyday life & culture. Recently nominated by Bloglovin as one of the Best men’s Fashion blog in the world, he sure is doing Africa proud.
Instagram: @stevenonoja

allen_amfb[1]Allen Coleman

One of the few who dropped their white collar job to follow their passion. His blog continues to tell his journey as a Streetstyle photographer thus his blog is filled with amazing Streetstyle.
Instagram: @byallencoleman

adamu_amfb[1]Josef Adamu

His main purpose is to create vivid memories & to inspire others as they inspire him. With his motto “bringing illustrations to life”, it’s clearly seen in his pictures that Josef isn’t stopping any time soon with his creativity
Instagram: @josefadamu

KenyaStylistaFranklin Saiyelel

Kenyan leading Fashion blogger in Nairobi, known popularly as Kenyan Stylista. His style speaks volumes for him.
Instagram: @kenyanstylista

Denola GreyDenola Grey

Oh Denola, with the year he’s had, it wouldn’t be a surprise that he is on this list. His effortless style is one worthy of mention.
Instagram: @denolagrey

christian_amfb[1]Christian Confidential

With his passion for fashion, fitness, travel, pop culture & good conversations, his readers can’t help but stay glued. His workout tips is intriguing.
Instagram: @christianconfidential

kissi_amfb[1]Joshua Kissi

Describes himself as a story teller who tells stories through style. Co founder of Street Etiquette which showcases style using cultural, historical & urban perspective.
Instagram: @streetetiquette

noble_amfb[1]Noble Igwe

Noble recently appointed remy martin &  payporte Fashion ambassador, has a unique fab trad style that can’t be over looked.

ISeeaDifferentYouI see a different you

Trio: Justice, Innocent & Vuyo from South Africa captures life in Africa through breathtaking photos & creative style.
Instagram: @iseeadifferentyou

trevour_amfb[1]Trevor Sturman

Listed among GQ best dressed in 2015, Trevor is truly a creative man with style.

[Up-And-Comers who made their mark this year
Bloggers to watch out for in 2016 ]

With the year coming to an end, its the right time to release this list to recognize these Fashion Bloggers who stood out this year.
This list was created based on Readers/target audience, Personal Style, ideas/creativity & Potential.

aoki_amfb[1]Mohcine Aoki Harris

From Casablanca Morocco, he believes there are no rules in fashion. His crazy hippie style combined with his funny self makes him irresistible.
Instagram: @mohcineaoki


Igee Okafor

Creativity & photography lover. He hopes to give people a sense of variety & identity in both Fashion & life.
Instagram: @igeeokafor

vintageguru_amfb[1]Lourens Gebhardt

Namibian, describes himself as epitome of everything vintage. He calls his style sophisticated punk.
Instagram: @louxthevintageguru

akin_amfb[1]Akin Faminu

Medical Student & Blogger manages his time for education & passion. He describes his style as detailed dapper.
Instagram: @akinfaminu


Lucas Omornuwah

This is one Blogger we are so excited to see more of. We just can’t get enough of his style. Lover of Personality & all things different, he describes his style as vintage Chic which is clearly seen on his Instagram page
Instagram: @omornuwah

boylondonn_[1]Michael Ampo

Popularly known as boylondonn. He has a unique style. Passionate about menswear and all things style.
Instagram: @boylondonn_


We all know him as the winner of the Nikon photo contest & his viral “Good morning Lagos” post.He is Obsessed over Streetstyle Fashion & photography.
Instagram: @urbanehanger

Valentine Ramsey

Student & Blogger who describes his style as a way of life that shouldn’t be dented. Loves to look expensive but on a budget.

Anthony Edebiri Reney

Nigerian (Benin) living in waterloo Canada. Passionate about Fashion, football & music. He describes his style as classy
Instagram: @reneyfresh

Raphael Ikem

Proud open big fan of Solange Knowles and Frank Ocean, Raphael’s style is stunning. He shares his love for food & culinary arts in general on his blog.
Instagram: @ralphkem

Contribution from Lucas Omornuwah.

Lucas is a Student at the University of Calabar & Menswear Blogger at 
He is a Weird Lover of Everything Different & Style. He'll be sharing all around Fashion tips and Lifestyle.
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