It’s a well-known fact that you don’t have to be a fashion expert to look good. However,  knowing which clothing items, color combinations, and textures are trending, can help you pick better outfits and become a better dresser. Find out what’s in vogue this year and effortlessly create eye-catching, sharp looks!

Once you know what trends are the dominant ones in the fashion of 2016, it is the time to go for clothes shopping, and there is no better place to catch the latest clothing trends than on Jiji. The endless selection of clothes on Jiji will give you an opportunity to dress better while saving money on new outfits, which means there are lots of reasons to try shopping there right now!


One clothing trend of 2016 that won’t let you go unnoticed is the sparkling trend. The outfits that were previously reserved for New Year’s Eve parties and other social occasions are now perfectly acceptable as daywear, so if you have a stunning dress covered in sequins, or a tinsel-decorated skirt, you can wear them anywhere, from the office to meetings with friends, and you’re guaranteed to attract lots of looks.



Recently we’ve seen the comeback of one of the favorite accessories from the 90s, the choker necklace. Usually chokers look like thin velvet or plastic stripes that are worn around the neck. However, this season chokers get a different look – now designers recommend wearing statement chokers. Much like the statement necklaces from previous seasons, statement chokers are meant to be the central piece of the outfit, and the other items should just accompany it.



We’re mostly used to seeing pinstripes as part of men’s office wear, but in 2016 this pattern made a transition to women’s casual wardrobes. Pinstripes are wonderfully versatile, which means they can look equally good in an office or informal setting. Plus, pinstripes are a powerful tool when it comes to your appearance: with the right combination of color and shape of the pinstripes you can instantly appear taller and slimmer.


One-shoulder looks

This is another trend that is making a comeback – this time it’s from the 1980s. One-shoulder dresses and tops could be seen everywhere during that decade, and now they are going through a second wave of popularity. Obviously, the one-shoulder details can be mostly seen in cocktail and formal dresses, so there is no way to accommodate this trend for office looks, but a one-shoulder party dress will make you the star of any social event.

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