Just few days ago Celestine Omin was here in Calabar sharing his knowledge on how Tech was a major channel for young people who were interested in getting their stories out and all the good things the future had for those who strive at the maiden edition of ” Dialogue with Agba Jalingo ” which had the likes of Esther Eshiet,Hanson Johnson, Emmanuel Etim and others.  Little did he know that the US trip he had silently planned with his team at Andela was going to hit headlines across Global News channels like CNNBBC, Mashable, Fortune,Independent UK and others who move the story here and there after a twitter virality.

celestine Omin

It might well sound pretty regular if you’ve been following the US drama since Trump but not when Gayle Laakmann McDowell announces a new book after the incidence.

Announcing my upcoming book — Cracking the Country Interview: 10 Programming Questions and Solutions to Get You Through Airport Customs. Learn how to solve essential questions like “how to balance a binary search tree” so you can breeze your way through customs.

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Celestine Omin who started out here in Calabar has grown to be one of the best Tech talents rising from this part of the world. With an impressive portfolio that includes one of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce firm, Konga and now Andela, Celestine is one very bright mind we are proud of at Calabar Blog.

Keep Winning Celestine. 🙂

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