Entrepreneur of the Month – Sharing the Valerie Makeovaz Journey

While there are lots of excuses why you shouldn’t take that leap of fate and follow your passion for doing things differently, some others are already getting better in their chosen fields and are set to storm the world at any time. As young people, there is always a reason why not to try or kickstart our dream project or ideas. A very common excuse would be finances, time, skills and government support but in the real sense we all have what it takes  to make it through. It’s called the drive.  On this feature we have Yemiode Augustine Ejah, CEO of Valerie Makeovaz Studio, a company she started out of a childhood obsession she gradually developed and then invested on to become one of the most on demand make-up service in Calabar and environs. We sat down with Yemi to explore the journey so far and as well to find motivations for young readers.

Enjoy the interview.

Can We Meet You?

My name is Yemiode Augustine Ejah popularly known as (Yemi or Valerie) CEO Valerie Makeovaz Studio, a graduate of Biological science from the Cross River State University of Science and Technology. I am from Ekori, Yakurr L.G.A of Cross River State.

Why Make-Up?
When I was young, way back in my primary school days, I started making my aunties and neighbours hair, I grew more into it while I was waiting for admission into the University. I  was making hair, lashes, nails and even made my cousin up for her wedding even when I didn’t really understand the word ‘Makeup’. I never really realized you could actually have a career in beauty and go to makeup school. So when I enrolled for the classes as a professional I was hooked. I found the profession suitable for me since it allows a lot of creativity and complement my inborn knack for fashion and beauty, my eyes and hands dexterity are very good and these supports me a lot in the beauty world.


Did you ever enroll or attend a Make-up academy ?

Yes I did, I enrolled for a two (2) weeks course with CEO Bellezza Couture Makeovaz

 When did you decide to make it a business?
I started my makeup career in August 2013 after completing my B.Sc degree and awaiting NYSC. I was getting really bored staying at home, then one day I saw a makeup flyer on Facebook. I took their details for enquiries. And then I started makeup classes immediately. I had this  strong zeal and passion for it, I was so committed and kept picturing myself becoming a great and successful makeup artist.
Who are your customers?
My customers are the public, they are the main source of my business growth, we become friends as i know and understand their needs, for example, behaviour and lifestyle. To nurture a strong relationship, I listen to them and we collectively design images that best satisfy their desire. They are the success of my business. I love my customers!
What are your top make-up brands? 
* Beauty Blender : Is the best cosmetic sponge applicator that helps me achieve a good finishing complexion perfection after applying foundation with the brush
*Mary Kay Foundation: Am so obsessed with the foundation even if there are a thousand and one out there, It gives me a flawless look especially when your face is filled with pimples, it helps cover it very well.
*Tara Eye Shadow Primer: Really helps me to define my eye-shadow perfectly
*Mud Make-up Designory Mascara: It holds and get the lashes to look long but still natural
*Milani Powder: It locks up the makeup to last long with flawless look….my dear I can’t list all.
What are the most challenging facts about being a Make-up artist and how do you handle them?
As a makeup artist you are expected to remain up to date with new trends and fashion, because the fashion industry evolves on a daily basis and the expertise has to upgrade accordingly to satisfy your clients.
Also, For you to be successful in life there must be difficult and trying times, but don’t let them weigh you down. I make sure I stay up to date on all the latest makeup innovations and hot new trends. So I set aside an hour or two daily to browse my favourite websites, magazines and blogs.
Craziest thing a client has asked for ?
None that I can remember
Star moment of your career?
That was when I won the MUD Nigeria Makeup Artist Competition in Lagos 2014
What top make-up artist inspires you?
 House Of Tara
From experience, what would you say are the most vital resources for an aspiring entrepreneur to start-up?
I will suggest starting from mastering your skills, learning valuable selling skills to market yourself and then;
*Register your business name
*Write a business plan
*Create your website
*Find advertiser (Affiliate) to link
*Meet legal/Tax requirement for operating a business
*Determine the financing, you will need and how to get it
*Set up a bookkeeping system
*Hire employees
What are your goals for 2016?
To expand my business into different branches, meet targeted goals I couldn’t achieve in 2015, get married, raise a family and do business nationwide by the Grace of God.
How do you relax?
Hahahahahaha do I really relax? Anyway, During the weekdays; I only relax when it’s bed time and Saturdays; I take some hours out with my friends to the movies, I do have much time for myself after service on Sundays.
Any Advice to the upcoming artist?
Always have a great outlook and never give up. Most people want to get to the top but don’t want to do the waiting or do what it takes to get there,… Sorry guys it’s no movie. These things take lot of time and unless you are driven enough to stick it out, you’ll never make it, it takes passion and a great attitude to get somewhere. It’s very important to keep a strong and positive mind set, stay dedicated, as well as groom a great personality.
The makeup artistry combines skills and creativity. But like anything, you really need to work hard to get anywhere, Believe in yourself, plan and then go for it ‘Everything is Possible’
Business Contacts: E-mail: valeriemakeovaz@yahoo.com | 08093170978 or 07086934747 | Instagram: @ValerieMakeovaz | Facebook Page: Valerie Makeovaz

We hope you enjoyed the session. If you have an amazing story or know someone who has, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to share with our readers.

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