As the Cross River State PMAN election draws closer, we seek a vibrant association. It starts today and it starts with us.

I Beauty Edet John have placed myself before you seeking your help to nominate me as the C.R.S Chairman of the Performing Musician Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN).

The incumbent Chairman Mr. Effiom Trombone and his cabinet have done well as they have created a platform for artiste in C.R.S to showcase their great talents. However, it is now time to move to the NEXT LEVEL.

We are a great association but we have been riddled by endless crises. The fate of C.R.S PMAN is not up for sale. We cannot trust the selfish and self-interested to rule in the best interests of our artistes, managers and producers.


To solve our problems, I recognize that we need real leadership, not warm words and empty promises by those who have not made anything out of the opportunities they have been given.

What I will give C.R.S PMAN is all of my strength, commitment, sweat and toil in the service of the people. It is not all about me, it’s about YOU

The artistes

The producers

The promoters

The managers

The bloggers

The designers

The event managers

And this great association

I title my mission as “UPHOLDING and DEFENDING the RIGHTS OF C.R.S ARTISTES, PRODUCERS, PROMOTERS, MANAGERS, BLOGGERS, DESIGNERS AND EVENT MANAGERS” this is all encompassing and a huge task indeed.

Today I ask for your votes and support as I make the following pledges

  • My administration will engage the services of an attorney so that matters of contracts singing, legal representation and checking the rising causes of artiste molestation and unnecessary arrest are addressed
  • My administration will expand the union across the state since the benefits of PMAN is meant to reach every artiste in the state
  • My administration will align with patrons, sponsors, corporate and individuals to ensure the office of PMAN has a suitable accommodation complex within my first 90 days in the office
  • I will set up a committee that will identify and recommend not less than three artistes every year to be promoted to the highest possible level possible and leave the rest to God because only God can “blow” an artiste
  • My administration will exhibit zero tolerance for free shows especially in sponsored/ gates taking events
  • My administration will encourage and recognize artiste managers. Managers will be regularly trained in workshops and seminars to enable them expand their employment capacity which will go a long way to take of people from the streets and sundry vices
  • I will do my best to make sure artiste Calabar festival dues are completely paid and paid on time
  • I will align PMAN to skill acquisition programs and NGOs such that generated revenues/income are used to fund production and pay our dues
  • I will use my office if elected as the chairman to collaborate with other firms to create new innovative events apart from the Calabar festival that will constantly generate income for artiste
  • I have made contacts with key players in the fashion industry in Calabar and intend to leverage on this to assist our artiste to be properly styled for important outings, as the saying goes “you are addressed by the way you dress”.
  • The branding we all desire starts with us, I will organize seminars, workshops and invite professionals in the industry to train artistes on branding, promotion and organizational analysis

Some of you know me, I’m from a humble background, I was born and raised in Calabar, I am like you but I’m pushing to reach the limelight just like you all.

We can archive all these things if you elect me as your chairman, there is an old saying, “do not pray for task equal to your power, but pray for power equal to your task”, and I know with GOD on our side and with your support the driving power will be on the speed lane to take PMAN to the HIGHEST LEVEL.

I must not be your chairman but if it is not me I don’t see anyone who has more passion than I, I am humble and I am approachable, if you all elect me as your chairman you will always have my open ear as I will work with you as an honest leader and not a LORD to achieve greater heights, peace, love and unity.

I don’t think anyone else gives you this advantage! I will return PMAN to a position of respect.

I understand our peculiarities; I am young enough to carry everybody along, Strong enough to withstand the pressures of the job, articulate and fearless to express our convictions and my integrity enables and assures the respect of everyone we have to engage with

You guys are able enough to convince everybody in my support that’s why I am counting on you. Make sure you register!

I count on you as a close pal to support, campaign and vote for me (SUPAGAL) as the C.R.S chairman of PERFORMING MUSICIAN EMPLOYERS ASSOCIATION of Nigeria (PMAN).

God bless Nigeria, God bless Cross River State, God bless PMAN.

Thank you and God bless you.

Beauty Edet John (SupaGal)

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