Sallah holiday is around the corner, what plans do you? We believe it’s a good time to relax, have fun and meet new people.

Join us as we explore nature’s wonders at the Obudu Ranch Resort. We will be hosting tourists from Lagos, Abuja, PH, Calabar and beyond.

Get your travel gears ready let’s escape into the cloud away from city life.

Dates: Friday, 1st – 4th September, 2017 (Sallah Weekend)

See draft Itinerary below;

Friday, 1st Sept.

  • Arrival to Calabar
  • Accommodation – Self Sorted (Recommended; Monty Suite, Tinapa Hotel)

Saturday, Day 1 – Obudu Ranch Resort

The famous bull head at the entrance of the ranch

  • Road Trip to Obudu Ranch Resort
  • Stop Over at Ikom Town, Agbokim Waterfall for sightseeing
  • Arrive Obudu
  • Experience the Obudu International New Yam Festival
  • Transfer to Obudu Ranch Resort
  • Dinner at Obudu Ranch Resort
  • Overnight Stay at Obudu Ranch Resort

Breakfast in the Cloud













Sunday, Day 2 – Obudu Ranch Resort Facility Tour 

  • Fitness and Breath
  • Breakfast in the cloud
  • Experience Obudu Ranch Resort/Facility tour
  1. Canopy Walkway
  2. Hiking
  3. Horse Riding
  4. Bird view
  5. Becheve Nature Reserve
  6. Swimming at water arcade
  7. Guided Tour to Holy Mountain
  8. Bird view
  • Group Picnic at Grotto Twin Waterfalls – including lunch
  • Bon Fire/Barbecue Night
  • Overnight Stay at Obudu Ranch

The Grotto Twin Waterfall

Mountain View Accommodation

At the Holy Mountain

Monday, Day 4 – Departure

  • Transportation and Lunch
  • *****3 Days 2 Nights


  • Single – 75,000 Naira
  • Shared – 60,000 Naira Each
  • Family (Parents + 2 Children) – 185,000 Naira

For Bookings, Please Call;

07031973119 – Hope (Calabar)
08185035437 – Esther (Calabar)
0806 206 5351 – Allen (Uyo/Eket)
08178767978 – Geraldine (Lagos/PH)
0806 253 4109 – Ken (Abuja)

Limited spots available

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