Veteran Nollyhood actress and filmmaker, Shan George, has taken a swipe at ladies who engage in the acts of bleaching their skin.

The movie star was reflecting on the prevalence of the practice in the society via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday.

She wondered why women use lightening cream, arguing that while such not only damage their skin, it does not add any value to those who indulge in it.

“After all that bleaching, now you don yellow sotay (to the extent) we dey see all your veins and nerves in green and red colours, you still never see husband, you never become rich, nor have you got any titles/degrees. Wetin you gain?” The 50-year-old actress wrote in a mixture of English and Pidgin.

In another post, the filmmaker also tackled those who are fond of sharing pictures of themselves while in church to give people the impression that they are holy.

“If you keep posting pictures of when you were in church making me think you are holy, please, remember to also post that of when you are committing sin, to let me know I’m wrong. You ain’t holy,” she added.

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